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The DeamonSlayer Bundle!


All 3 DeamonSlayers kits for the price of 2! This bundle includes all the files for the DeamonSlayer-Knight MKII, the DeamonSlayer-Samurai and the DeamonSlayer-Spartan. All DeamonSlayer kits can be assembled in a wide range of poses and have many weapon and customization options. Also all weapons and customization options are modular so you can mix and match between the 3 Deamonslayers! They are perfect as  centerpieces for your tabletop army, as cool display pieces on you desk or even as parts for use in your conversions! 

Model Details:

  • All kits combined contains a total of 262 parts!
  • Fully assembled each DeamonSlayer stands 11cm tall.
  • All files are pre-supported.
  • Unsupported files also included.
  • File type .stl
  • Simple assembly instructions for each DeamonSlayer included.
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